21/09/2015 19:00
Because universities want to make sure you have the English language skills necessary to study at their school, almost all institutes of higher learning require you to take a test of English. And TOEFL and IELTS are the two biggest standardized tests of the English language. One of the most...

Lista e universiteteve qe kane studentet me piket me te larta ne GMAT

05/09/2015 15:59
Revista “The Economist” ka publikuar nje artikull me renditjen e universiteve qe kane pranuar studentet me piket me te larta. Ne fillimit te ketij shekulli, piket mesatare ne GMAT per tu pranuar ne nje program MBA te 10 universiteteve me te mira ishin 688. Ne vitin 2013 ishin 712. Dhe kete vit,...

Improving Listening in TOEFL IBT test

04/09/2015 12:17
Maybe it has happened to you that you listen to a TOEFL listening exercise and all of a sudden you are aware that you missed a phrase or sentence, maybe something that was important. You weren’t concentrated, or the speakers may have spoken fast. Don’t get discouraged. It happens even to native...

New GMAT features starting from 19 July

14/07/2015 18:54
GMAC is introducing three new features to improve and streamline the GMAT exam experience for test takers. GMAC asked thousands of candidates and test takers about their GMAT experience and how to make it better. We listened and took action. These new features and options for test takers are...

Learning vocabulary

13/07/2015 23:15
  There are many ways to learn vocabulary. Often, textbooks will give you a connection between the foreign word and the word you are learning. You could use their suggestions — or use them in addition to the crazy picture method. Look out for common derivations...

Ndryshimi mes teksteve ne IELTS Academic dhe IELTS General/Differences in reading texts in IELTS Academic and IELTS General

26/06/2015 19:46
IELTS Academic reading is often about more abstract ideas, contains more complex sentence structures and more sophisticated vocabulary than General Strand reading.  The Academic reading consists of three pieces of writing with increasing density of meaning. The General strand reading also has...

How many hours should I study for GMAT?

13/04/2015 19:24
This one of the questions students always ask "How much time should I spend studying for the GMAT exam?" Honestly the time you should spend preparing is unique to you because it depends on your own skills and ability level, what areas you are good at, and what you still need to master but also on...

TOEFL IBT scores converted to IELTS

08/04/2015 14:02
Based on the research reports that link TOEFL iBT scores to IELTS scores, ETS developed these comparison tables to help you make informed admissions decisions. TOEFL Score IELTS...

TOEFL IBT scores converted to CEFR

08/04/2015 13:53
Below you have a table with the converted TOEFL IBT scores to European System CEFR CEFR level Reading (0–30) Listening (0–30) Speaking (0–30) Writing (0–30) Total (0–120) C1 or...

Complete list of universities in the USA and their GMAT requirements/full time study

05/04/2015 18:21
This article is for everybody wants to apply to post-graduate schools in the USA. You can find the names of the universities, their ranking according to different organizations, class size, average GMAT score, average age, average GPA. ve    
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