How many hours should I study for GMAT?

13/04/2015 19:24

This one of the questions students always ask "How much time should I spend studying for the GMAT exam?" Honestly the time you should spend preparing is unique to you because it depends on your own skills and ability level, what areas you are good at, and what you still need to master but also on how much time you have available to dedicate to your studies and it is not something that can be accurately advised. According to we know much time others spent this year to prepare for the exam. Using data collected from January to June 2013 from more than 2,500 GMAT test takers, we can see that 52% of test takers spent at least 51 hours preparing for the exam.

Those who do better on the GMAT exam tend to spend more time studying for it, on average. But there is no cause–and-effect process at work here. Studying 92 hours does not guarantee that you will score in the 600 range.