What is the GRE score

01/04/2015 19:19

So what is the GRE Score?

GRE Score is, typically, received after 10-15 days of your GRE test. A typical "online" Score report would look something like the picture above. GRE Score has 3 parts corresponding to three sections of GRE, namely:

Quantitative Reasoning: Maximum attainable marks - 170 Minimum marks 130; increments of 1

Verbal Resoning: Maximum attainable marks - 170 Minimum marks 130; increments of 1

Analytical Writing: Maximum attainable Marks -6. Minimum marks 0; increments of 0.5

What Does it mean?

In the score card you would find the following parameters Scaled Score (out of 170 and/or 6) and percentage below.

The scaled Score is the final score that you have achieved. Scaled scores are an accurate measure of your performance in each section. Both Quantitative and Verbal parts have 40 questions in the Online format and 50 questions in paper based format. For each correct answer you get +1 marks and 0 for untempered questions and wrong answers. So at the end of the test you would have a raw score out of 40 in each part.

The Analytical Writing section is scored on a scale of 0 to 6. The grades are given based on the quality of the essay provided.
Percentage below indicates the percentage of GRE test takers that have scored less than you in the test. So by 80% they mean that 80% candidates scored less than you in the GRE standard test.

How do we get the score?
GRE sends a hard copy of your scores to your address, i.e. the address that you registered with for the GRE Examination. However for admission purposes most colleges require a score report sent to them directly by ETS. At the end of a test you can send 4 score reports to institutions of your choice. Each institution has a four digit GRE code by which ETS identifies them. These codes are usually mentioned in the Institutions website. 

If you do not have the institutional GRE codes, you can search for the institutions by country and name.

If you need to send additional score reports i.e. more than 4 then you can do so by logging in to your GRE account

What if you don't get your dream score?

Retaking the GRE revised General Test. You can take the computer-delivered GRE revised General Test once every 21 days, up to five times within any continuous rolling 12-month period (365 days).

Whether you're taking a GRE® test for the first time or retaking it, the ScoreSelect® option helps you approach test day with confidence because it lets you decide which GRE scores you want schools to see. Here's how it works:

On test day, when viewing your scores at the test center*, you can choose not to send your scores at this time OR you can select either option below for each of your four FREE score reports:

Most Recent option — Send your scores from your current test administration.
All option — Send your scores from all General Test administrations in the last five years.

After test day, you can send additional score reports for a fee and select from these options for each report you'd like to send:

Most Recent option — Send your scores from your most recent test administration.
All option — Send your scores from all test administrations in the last five years.
Any option — Send your scores from one OR as many test administrations as you like from the last five years.

GRE scores are valid for 5 years.